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In 1982, Creative Computing magazine picked up on the idea that Tennis for Two might be the first video game ever and it published a story on the game in that year’s October issue. It credited Higinbotham as the inventor of the video game — until they heard from someone who could document an earlier game.

The First Video Game in History. A tennis game that consisted ...

The game was created in 1958 and was extremely simple, as you’d expect from the first video game in human history. It was a tennis game similar to the 1970s video game, Pong, and became a hit at the Brookhaven National Laboratory open house. The game was created in October 1958 by physicist William Higinbotham, who created the game because he thought the exhibits at the lab were pretty dull.

October 1958: Physicist Invents First Video Game

October 1958: Physicist Invents First Video Game. In October 1958, Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game. It was a very simple tennis game, similar to the classic 1970s video game Pong, and it was quite a hit at a Brookhaven National Laboratory open house. Higinbotham was born on October 25, 1910 in Bridgeport, CT and grew up in Caledonia, NY.

Tennis Video Games History: From the Lab to Homes Globally

Perhaps the most popular Tennis based game of all time, however, would come into existence 14 years later when in 1972 Atari released the insanely popular Pong (you can play Pong for free at PlayPong). Claiming the honor of being the first sports arcade game of all time, Pong was loosely based on table tennis.

Pong Game

Pong is one of the first computer games that ever created, this simple "tennis like" game features two paddles and a ball, the goal is to defeat your opponent by being the first one to gain10 point, a player gets a point once the opponent misses a ball. The game can be played with two human players, or one player against a computer controlled paddle.

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1958 video game Tennis for Two Tennis for Two on a DuMont Lab Oscilloscope Type 304-A DesignerWilliam Higinbotham PlatformAnalog computer Release NA: October 18, 1958 GenreSports ModeMultiplayer Tennis for Two is a sports video game that simulates a game of tennis, and was one of the first games developed in the early history of video games. American physicist William Higinbotham designed the game in 1958 for display at the Brookhaven National Laboratory's annual public exhibition after learning

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It deserves recognition for being the first-ever tennis-based video game made. Readers, you probably thought Pong had been the first-ever tennis video game, but it’s not! By getting released 2 years before Pong, Tennis for Two beat it to the punch. If it were not for games like these, tennis might not even exist as a part of video games.

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This is a close emulation of the AY-3-8500 chip manufactured by General Instruments and fitted to many TV games consoles during the late 1970s.Four games hav...