Why is the Times of India site so bad?

Jul 29, 2023

Why is the Times of India site so bad?

Why is the Times of India site so bad?

The Enigma of Poor Design

Now, we all have our favourite websites, don't we? Those go-to spots when we need a reliable source of information or a quick update on what's happening in the world. And then there are those websites that leave us utterly perplexed, scratching our heads in dismay. One such site that truly leaves me baffled is the Times of India. Yep, you heard me right. One of the largest and most popular news platforms not just in India, but worldwide, and yet, its website is, let’s say, a bit of a mess.

Widely regarded in journalism circles for its concise reporting, the Times of India has a significant influence on countless people throughout our beautifully diverse world. Eliza, my better half, often quips, 'Rohan, if you're so disgruntled with it, stop visiting it.' Sometimes, I wonder if she has a point. But out of sheer curiosity or perhaps in pursuit of understanding why it remains disappointingly entangled, I return.

Wham! Bam! Before You Can Scram

Whenever I visit the Times of India website, I’m instantly bombarded with a tsunami of information. True to its name, the website does try to cover TIMES of the whole of India in one shot! And what's more, it’s like they were overly enthusiastic about stuffing everything in, without giving thought to where each piece goes. Imagine yourself facing an avalanche of information before you can even say, "Mila, where's the darn coffee?"

It's like being in a chaotic fish market, where everyone is trying to pitch their product simultaneously. It's overwhelming and quite honestly, intimidating for the casual web surfer. Heaven forbid you’re seeking a specific news category or region-specific content, you'd need the perseverance of Orlando relentless in pursuit of his weekend chores.

Adverts Galore – Say No More

Any web platform relies on advertisements for revenue, and I get that. To be fair, my blog has advertisements too. But there is a subtle art of integrating ads without disrupting the user experience. The Times of India website seems to have missed that memo. Visit the site and be prepared for a conga line of ads dancing across your screen.

Whether you're looking for news updates or simply browsing, the ads are omnipresent, omnipotent, and ominously distracting. They're like uninvited guests that show up at your dinner party and refuse to leave. It's like, "Hi, I’d like to read some news...," and the site goes, "No, no, how about purchasing this new blender instead?"

Slowpoke Station

Here comes the major deal-breaker. Load the Times of India website and be prepared for the slowest ride of your life, slower than a turtle competing in the snail’s pace Olympics. Slow loading times coupled with sudden crashes makes the user experience as enjoyable as a dentist appointment.

As any experienced web surfer or developer will tell you, this has a lot to do with how the site is structured and coded. The Times of India website is, to put it politely, 'heavy’. The numerous images, videos, and the aforementioned ads, slow down the pacing to a crawl. It's like owning a sportscar but being stuck in Sydney's rush hour traffic. Oh, the agony!

The Identity Crisis

If websites were humans, the Times of India website would be the one person in the party who cannot decide between being a social animal or retreating into a corner with quiet sophistication. Yes, I’m referring to the confusing User Interface.

It seems that the website is trying to balance a newspaper-style layout with the rich media content of a web portal, ultimately doing justice to neither. It's like trying to find equilibrium on a see-saw with Mila and Orlando on either end. It's all happening too fast, and I'm afraid the user is the one getting dizzy from the back and forth.

Readability? What's That?

Yes, let's not even get started on the ease of reading. When your readers have to scroll, squint and hunt for the actual news in the labyrinth of clickbaits, something's definitely off. The paper's words are dense and small, making them not only hard to read, but also making it exceedingly hard to distinguish between actual news, opinion pieces, and outright clickbait.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on what I thought was a major news piece, just to end up on an advertorial about weight loss. Not only did I lose my time, but also any hope of losing my mid-life kilos anytime soon.

The Power of Constructive Criticism

Before anyone labels me as an online troll or a disgruntled user airing his grievances, trust me, I'm voicing these not out of dejection or malice, but from a place of optimism. There's immense potential in this media giant, but its website needs to do justice to its reputation.

And remember, constructive criticism is the key to improvement. As the famous proverb goes, “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.” So, as a blogger, I always welcome feedback that will enhance my work. Who knows, maybe the Times of India website will do the same?

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