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Save the poor .

ďLife is never so busy that there is no time to help the poor ď. - Director

If you can manage to find some time for a holiday from your busy life no wonder you can spend a couple of hours in your life to help the poor .


God has given us wealth trusting that you will help others on behalf of him . Can we imagine our brothers or sisters suffering from poverty , our parents thrown to an old age home without anyones care ? our beloved ones struggling hard from disease without money for medication .Of course we know that there are thousands of such people around us whom we could have helped .But very wisely we keep away from thinking that its not our duty and we assume someone else will do it . Gentlemen its time for you to rise and act. After all its your own duty only . God will be very pleased to see you desperate to help the poor . In this whole long life atleast for once you show that mercy on others. That one time god will remember and you remember once he points out that one act of yours when you stand before him in heaven.


Poor Children Victims of poverty comprises of infants to very old people . Small childrens who doesnít have anything to eat , nothing to wear , cannot go to schools atleast for their primary schooling , You can donate some clothes , or daily usables like , soaps , toothpastes , books , pay their school fees , sponsor their schoolings etc .

Mentally and physically challenged patients in hospitals , Donate medicines food etc .for them . We cannot think of a small pain or an injury happens to our children or to our parents . But be aware that many many people are there in hospitals denied of medication due to poverty . Pain is similar for all human . Pain is not less for them . Lets pray to god to keep us healthy so that we can help the poor to buy them medicines .

Food for the needed

Giving a lunch or a dinner in any old age home or hospitals or orphanage will cost you nothing , but a lot for them . Each gram of food you offer to the poor will be counted in gods court . Never miss an opportunity to feed the poor if you have the capacity for that . We can help you to arrange a lunch for them .

Help for marriages: We spend lacks and crores for marriage party . But ever thought of parents of girls who are struggling hard to get their daughters married You can spend your hard money the way you like . But just imagine a small part our money which we utilize unnecessarily can help a poor family in their daughters marriage , how thankful they will be to you in their whole life . Their prayers are the most valuable blessings you can get in your lifetime more than the time you spend in temples or offerings you give to please god .

Old Age Homes Itímakes your eyes wet seeing the cruelty that the young generation threw their mothers and fathers in the street like beggars .These parents had brought up their child like prince and princess in their young age . They sacrificed their whole life working hard to bring up their kids life in prosperity . They never complained about their efforts and struggles but felt themselves its their duty . when they stepped into their old age their children are so busy to look after them . But gentlemen remember if you wish this situation should not happens to you please show some mercy on these parents at old age homes . Beware that this may your shelter in your old age also . Never matter your children throws you away there will be some one offering you a helping hand when you are old . At that time you realize how helpful you were to these old people at that time.

Helpless Mom

We often says ďI love my Mom than anything else in this world ďIf its true you should definitely help a Mom who is struggling hard to bring up her child . Your Mom will be much happy to find her son helping a Mom and itís the best gift you can give your own mother than anything else in this world .

Why Me ???

Yes now its your turn . No matter how you lived so far , what you did and what you didnít do . Opportunity has come to show that you still didnít lost your humanity . . No matter how much you can do . Let it be a small help but never hesitate to do it now . Its not only meant for the upper class or rich people . If you lead a happy and normal life like any of your fellow being , why donít you make a difference from them in a divinely manner . Beware that the large sum you spend in luxury hotels just for a meal or a night stay can feed a poor for a week . The money you spend to enjoy a weekend can prevent his hunger for a month .

No need to feel guilty for a weekend trip or a family tour to make your childrens happiness . That may be the only luxury in your life without which you feel life is not colorful. Besides that if you help someone / engage in some charity activities it can be a great help to many. Its much more important to God giving some food for a hungry child rather than giving an expensive treat for your friend or girlfriend in the most expensive restaurant in your city


At the end of the tour just spare 1 or 2 hours we will take you to a charity institution in the city in our own expense . You get an opportunity to interact with the patients or residents of the respective hospitals , old age homes , orphanages . You can offer your donations , or you can offer them the belongings which you just purchased from the market like clothes , daily usables like soaps , toothpastes etc . , books for children medicines etc .

You can also donate things like bedsheets , beds etc for the respective orphanages . If interested you can mingle with them , ask about their life their needs and wishes . Get some whole hearted blessing and prayers from the poor along with the green memories of the kerala tour you just had . Likely let this tour of Kerala be fruitful and the best one you had previously to other places .

You can give your donations to the head of the institutions who runs it . Even if you donít have anything to offer them no matter . Your Time is also very important . People who donít have anyone to cry for them really needs some love and caring from you . So spend an hour with them they will be very happy for that .

Our Mission & Vision :

Besides our continous effort to help the poor we want our guests also to be involved in this mission . We are not tied up with any chains (hospitals . institutions , old age homes) . We help to interact with the people in need directly and guide you to them . We donít accept any donations from anyone . We can guide you to associate directly with the management who runs the respective institutions

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